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Interior Outfitting

The ins and outs of interior outfitting.

We spend the majority of our time indoors. So the environment we’re surrounded by is a key element of our wellbeing and ability to function effectively. And this applies to machines as much as it does to people. KAEFER is specialised in the interior outfitting of the widest variety of facilities and buildings – from offshore oil platforms and large cruise ships to residential buildings, hotels and airports.

At KAEFER we provide interior outfitting for the Marine and Process Industry (including offshore) as well as for the Construction Industry. In Process and Marine Industries, we specialise in challenging projects that are often subject to substantial time pressure and difficult environmental circumstances. In Construction, we use our ingenuity and innovative solutions to create the ideal spaces to live and work.

Our dedicated team of specialists is well versed in all the ins and outs of even the most challenging interior outfitting projects. We use the most innovative products and solutions to create interiors that provide the highest levels of quality and standards. Learn out more on the following pages and get in touch with our specialists to find the perfect KAEFER solution for your business.