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The digital road to continuous improvement

When it comes to digitalisation, we often first think of the devices we hold in the palms of our hands, or the computers at work. But digitalisation goes further than that – it’s as much about the processes that happen behind the scenes that provide value and make our lives easier and more efficient. One of the best examples of this is the Digital Project Management Solution (DPMS) – a major turning point on KAEFER’s digital LEAN journey.

What is DPMS? Simply put, it’s a digital order-to-invoice solution covering all KAEFER’s services. From the very first step when a request is received, through scoping and cost estimates and then authorisation, planning and performance monitoring, DPMS streamlines the process and makes it fully transparent at every juncture. This is not just good for the client, who can see exactly what is happening at any point, but it also provides for greater efficiency on KAEFER’s part, as it makes all the resources required for a project or process visible and, consequently, optimisable.

Putting productivity first

The underlying goal of DPMS is continuous improvement, which is a natural part of KAEFER’s LEAN journey. Live data enables fact-based decision making and greater control, whilst the automation of repetitive functions provides time for other, more productive tasks, to name just a few ways DPMS can improve the process. On top of that, resources can be allocated more effectively and working hours can be used in a more targeted way, tackling the jobs that need to be done on a prioritised basis. The key is eliminating unnecessary steps on the road to completing a project by giving stakeholders a detailed overview of all the project elements in one place. DPMS also makes daily work on site safer, easier and more efficient. According to Marc-André Lang, DPMS End-to-End Project Manager at KAEFER, “information is entered once instead of several times, like would sometimes be the case with excel and paper spreadsheets. This makes the process easier to follow. Work allocation and execution can be managed by the Supervisor and Foreman, allowing them to focus on their team instead of administration. We developed DPMS together with our colleagues in construction for use on the sites they work on every day and we did it in a very agile way. That makes work safer and more productive.”

Keeping the show on the road

Have you ever been in a situation where a certain process is delayed when the individual responsible for it goes on holiday? That’s just one of the situations DPMS can proactively work to improve. “DPMS is about making things process dependent rather than people dependent,” says Saurabh Deshmukh, Team Lead DPMS Global Roll-out. “By having a central project management tool in which all resources, capabilities and manpower are clearly visible and organised, we can keep things moving, regardless of which individual is working on the project at any given time.” This emphasis on process independence provides greater peace of mind and, when combined with real time process flow information, can provide additional value to clients. “DPMS allows us to be even more efficient and giving real time information about work execution to our clients and KAEFER site management, allows better planning, forecasting and daily management,” Dr. Alexander Faber, Head of Corporate Operations Excellence at KAEFER comments. “The focus of KAEFERs LEAN Journey is to empower our employees to continuously improve their daily processes and DPMS goes a long way in making that possible. Our employees on site work more efficient as a team and they gain qualifications in working with digital mobile and desktop solutions.”

The proof is in the pudding

Put simply, DPMS works for your benefit. It is used on over 70 sites in 10 countries by over 1,500 users and ever since it was introduced in a few key markets, the number of unnecessary steps eliminated in the administrative order to invoice process has been 29% in Brazil, 37% in Sweden and 24% in South Africa, to name just three cases. For clients in the regions where DPMS is used, it has become a unique selling proposition. “In Brazil, for example, DPMS offers clients real innovation. The fact that the system is also customisable offers further benefits and allows our teams to take a bespoke approach to the widest variety of projects,” Sandro Barrach, Managing Director in Brazil, adds.

A win-win scenario

The Digital Project Management Solution is a logical extension of KAEFER’s LEAN journey and is available for the entire organisation to use and profit from. By harmonising and standardising processes, whilst accounting for the individual aspects of projects at the same time, DPMS helps achieve margin targets more easily, reduces order to invoice time, virtually eliminates paperwork and substantially improves transparency and productivity. In short: it provides benefits to our clients and everybody at KAEFER.

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